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Restoration of Maiden Name

One of the things that a divorcing wife may ask of the court is to change her last name back to her maiden name. This choice is completely up to the wife and the husband has no say in it either way. If she wants her maiden name restored, she should request this in the petition for dissolution of marriage or, if she is the Respondent, she may request it in her Response. A.R.S. § 25-325(C). If, however, she does not complete the name change in the divorce case, but later changes her mind, then she will have to file a petition for name change at a later date which requires payment of another filing fee. If the wife wishes to have her maiden name restored during the pendency of the dissolution proceeding and does not want to wait for the case to conclude, the Court will restore the Wife’s maiden name even prior to the final dissolution being granted upon receipt of a Petition for Immediate Restoration of the Maiden Name.

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